This website represents a new monastic foundation being established within the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of San Francisco in rural San Mateo County, California. For information on this new Benedictine community, please visit the pages which are accessible by the labels above.

Saint Benedict of Nursia by Hans Memling 1487

Fifty-one years ago, the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council convened to open the doors of Holy Mother Church to an authentic spirit of renewal in all aspects of Catholic life, including religious and monastic life. The decree Perfectae Caritatis (On the Adaptation and Renewal of Religious Life) teaches that authentic renewal of the Consecrated Life must involve "both the constant return to the sources of all Christian life and to the original spirit of the institutes and their adaptation to the changed conditions of our time." The vision for the community of Saint Gregory Monastery responds to the call of the Council Fathers by establishing a monastic observance which emphasizes an enclosed life set apart from the usual activities and pursuits of most men in order to focus on continual worship, prayer, study, labor, and fraternal charity as taught in the Rule of Saint Benedict. The spirit of this new community will embrace a more primitive observance of the Rule, while at the same time recognize developments in liturgy, culture, and technology since the time in which Rule was composed nearly fifteen hundred years ago. The form of monastic observance will entail what the Church identifies today as "contemplative life" which Perfectae Caritatis encourages and supports: "Communities which are entirely dedicated to contemplation, so that their members in solitude and silence, with constant prayer and penance willingly undertaken, occupy themselves with God alone, retain at all times, no matter how pressing the needs of the active apostolate may be, an honorable place in the Mystical Body of Christ, whose 'members do not all have the same function' (Romans 12:4)."

Biographical information about the founder and the current status of this new monastic foundation is posted HERE

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