Brother Joseph Murphy
founder of Saint Gregory Monastery
May the Peace of Christ be with you!

A new contemplative community of Roman Catholic Benedictine Monks is being formed within the San Francisco Bay Area. The founder currently resides alone in a one-bedroom house in San Francisco while seeking agricultural property in San Mateo County on which to establish this new monastic foundation.

Unmarried men between the ages of 25 and 35 who are practicing Catholics at peace with the Church and are discerning a call to monastic life should first study the information provided on this website before making contact. Elements of the vision for this new monastic foundation are as follows (in brief):

  • The traditional Benedictine choir habit is worn as well as a "work habit" (hooded smock) when appropriate.

  • Latin Gregorian Chant is sung at all liturgical exercises according to Vatican II liturgical norms.

  • The Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office) is celebrated in common seven times each day: Vigils (Night Office of Readings) before dawn, and the hours of Lauds, Terse, Sext, None, Vespers, and Compline are sung at appropriate times throughout the day.

  • The Holy Eucharist is celebrated each day according to the Roman Missal (Third Typical Edition in English) with the Latin Gregorian Chants sung from the 1979 Graduale Romanum.

  • The life of worship, prayer, study, and manual labor take place within the Monastic Enclosure as directed by the Rule of Saint Benedict.

  • Hospitality is extended to monastery guests in a suitable manner outside the Enclosure.

  • A balanced life in common that strives to foster fraternal charity maintains the ancient monastic customs of scheduled periods of silence, daily lectio divina (spirtual reading), private prayer and devotions, regular spiritual conferences, and community recreation, while encouraging the development of personal talents, skills, and suitable recreational activities.

As stated above, anyone who wishes to further investigate a possible vocation to this new community should first study the information provided on this website by visiting the pages linked to the labels on the left before making contact.

Those in a position to help bring this community into being by offering financial support should contact Brother Joseph Murphy at
or (415) 988-7732.

October 19, 2014